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things you should know part two
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Things you should know part two

I get asked many questions about Braids and Natural Hair so I have decided to a few more things you should know from my own experience and information that I have created over the years . 

Braids : 
Micro Braids, Singles, Box braids, Kinky Twist and Cornrows, range from $125 and up the process of this style can take up to as long as 20 hours depending on how small the braid is this style is this style can last up to three months and I suggest that you get your edges rebraided after the first six weeks to maintain your hairstyle, keep it oiled and sleep with a satin cap for Micro,Singles, Box braids and or Kinky Twist  . If you feel the need to wash your braided style see a professional in regards to this. Cornrows can also be washed. 

All styles that Yarn is being applied CANNOT be washed you must keep scalp oiled and sleep with a satin cap or pillow case 

Coils and Two Strand Twist :
 Coils range from $50 and up and last up to 1 month only anything over that amount of time will begin to lock into a dread form depending on the size and length and also if you want color added etc. Your hair must be 100% Natural to achieve this style NO CHEMICALS if you have seen someone with this style and they have a relaxer it is called a STRAW SET which is very similar please consult a professional when seeking any Natural Hair Style 

Two Strand Twist: 
can range from $60 and up also depending size length etc. it can last up to 1 month also before locking occurs some love to wear their hair in two strand twist for 2 weeks at a time and then untwist them and wear them untwisted for the remaining of the 2 weeks of the month to achieve the TWIST OUT look if you would like to transition from this style  into going to Dreads please seek a Professional Stylist when doing so.

 Now a days there are so many different types of  Dreads to choose from Sista Locs to Nu Locs it takes many steps to achieve this look and requires much patience and a life long commitment, your hair must be free from ALL CHEMICALS and you can start them with  up to 4 inches of hair you will NOT achieve this look if you recently received any chemical services seek a Professional ONLY ONE WHO SPECIALIZES IN LOCKING HAIR 

If you would like to leave any of your advice on these or other styles please feel fee to do so I would love to hear from you !                                                               
                                                                                              "Have a Happy Hair Day "

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If you feel the need to wash your braided style see a professional in regards to this. Cornrows can also be washed.
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Things you should know part two
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Things you should know part two
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Things you should know part two
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