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Fall Suggestions Part 2
Fall suggestions to healthy hair care before and after Braiding


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Fall Suggestions
Fall Suggestions 2
Looking to wash your Braids,Cornrows,and or Dreads
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things you should know part two
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Fall Suggestions 2

Fall Suggestions Part 2

Talk to a professional before getting braids some ladies cannot get braids it can be because you may be allergic to the type of hair you are using and even though there is a little trick that you can cleanse hair with apple cider before installing braids dose not work for everyone, your hair can be very thin which will cause more breakage even damage hair to the point were you can have permanent  hair loss even Alopecia 

Get your ends clipped and apply a good deep conditioning treatment before getting your Braided hairstyle make sure hair is washed and cleaned always the night before this is for health reasons if you want to read more about this look goggle under clean healthy scalp before braiding hair